Machine lighting

We have been supplying our customers from various industries with special lighting products since 1931 and understand the specific lighting requirements in many areas. In today's digitalized world, LED lights for machines are an indispensable part of automation. With our rugged LED lights, we offer energy-efficient and durable lighting solutions for your machine that help you optimize production operations. With our robust LED lights, we offer you an energy-efficient and long-lasting lighting solution for your machine, which can be precisely adapted to specific requirements with its various lighting functions. LED luminaires from Barthelme are used in machine tools, textile machines, packaging machines, woodworking machines, in the automotive industry, in plant engineering and in plastics processing, among others.

Our LED lights meet all requirements for machine lighting:

  • robust housing made of high-quality aluminum or stainless steel
  • protection classes up to IP 68
  • LED strips with best possible color rendering properties
  • Insensitive to vibrations, dust, cleaning agents, disinfectants and UV light
  • Can be integrated into machine housings
  • Various light functions for signaling machine conditions

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Workplace lighting

Lighting in the workplace must meet different needs of employees. One of these is ergonomics. It determines how employees can work in a way that is as gentle on their bodies as possible. On the other hand, it is important that the lighting is sufficiently bright to enable all work to be performed optimally. Good lighting in the workplace is an important component that helps to increase productivity and provide employees with a pleasant working environment. To achieve this, it is critical when planning and selecting lighting that the intensity and direction of light is appropriate for each task. Whether mechanical assembly, electronic work, control or laboratory workstations, LED linear luminaires from Barthelme, with their excellent photometric properties and robust design, meet all the requirements placed on modern workplace lighting.

Workplaces are safely and ergonomically illuminated with our LED luminaires:

  • glare-free
  • very good color rendering
  • adjustable illuminance levels and color temperatures (optional and control-dependent)
  • homogeneous illumination
  • flicker-free (optional)
  • protection classes up to IP 68
  • insensitive to vibrations, dust, UV light and most cleaning agents and disinfectants

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Room lighting

Communication is an important productivity factor in our knowledge society. After all, although we are digitally networked in many areas, experts estimate that around 80 % of all innovations realized are created through face-to-face communication. Moreover, the majority of employees are convinced that well-being at work directly influences productivity. With LED luminaires from Barthelme, you can create modern staged working environments with a pleasant atmosphere. Our Tunable White luminaires are well suited for implementing Human-Centric-Lighting (HCL) lighting concepts. In this way, well-being and thus performance can be increased.

High quality light for modern working environments:

  • Various color temperatures from warm white to cool white
  • Human Centric Ligthing (HCL) increases productivity
  • Very good color rendering

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